Emilio Greco

Greco, Emilio


Born Oct. II, 1913. in Catania, Sicily. Italian sculptor. Greco studied at the Academy of Arts in Palermo, developed his artistic style under the influence of M. Marini. and studied Hellenistic sculpture. He works mainly in bronze. Greco’s sculptures, including Lia (1956. Palazzo Pit-ti. Florence). Big Bather No. I (bronze, 1956. Tate Gallery in London), and A Monument to Pinocchio. the hero of C. Col-lodi’s children’s book (1956. village of Collodi. Tuscany), are distinguished by sharp rhythm and refined stylization of silhouette and size.


Degenhart. B. Der Bildhauer Emilio Greco. Berlin-Mainz. 1960.
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In his article for the exhibition catalogue, curator and critic Ali Akay writes that AriE- received an important sculpture after being educated by Sadi Ecalyk and later, the atelier of Emilio Greco in the Fine Arts School of Rome.
More welcome is the opportunity for museums to bring lesser-known figures into focus; take last year's centenary exhibition of Abram Games at the Jewish Museum London, for instance, or that on Emilio Greco at the Estorick Collection in 2013.
Paul Spencer-Longhurst (left) senior curator at the Barber Institute, and Dr Michael Cullen with a piece of art by Italian artist Emilio Greco TR180107PAINT-2' Art expert Stewart Meese takes a close look at another loaned piece of art TR180107PAINT-3 Pictures, TREVOR ROBERTS