Emin, Iosif

Emin, Iosif


Born 1726 in Hamadan; died Aug. 2, 1809, in Calcutta. Figure in the Armenian liberation movement.

Emin lived in Great Britain from 1751 to 1759; in 1759 he moved to Armenia, where he initiated a struggle against foreign domination. In 1761 he conducted negotiations with the Russian government in St. Petersburg for Russian aid for the liberation movement of the Armenian people. In 1763, while living in Georgia, Emin attempted to organize a rebel movement in Armenia against Iranian and Turkish domination. He received no support from the catholicos Simeon and the Georgian king Iraklii II and was forced to leave Georgia in 1764. In 1770 he moved to Calcutta, where he spent the rest of his life.

Emin opposed serfdom and was a supporter of the republican system.


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