emission rights

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emission rights:

see pollution allowancepollution allowance
or emission rights,
government-issued permit to emit a certain amount of a pollutant. The holder of the permit may use it to pollute legally, may trade permits, or may sell the permit for a profit.
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Greenhouse Gases Emissions Trading is emerging as a key instrument in the drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
With IFC's networks and resources, the exchange can develop an advanced carbon trading mechanism and design innovative trading products , said Peggy Chen, Chief Executive Officer of the Shenzhen Emissions Trading Exchange.
Asset Management - European Emissions Trading Market N672 Contact: Monika Kwiecinska Corporate Communications - Europe P: +48-22-390-4127 M: +48-22-390-4160 E: monika.
Most people don't realise that the Americans pioneered emissions trading schemes in the 90s, with great success,' said Mr Stuart.
2] at lower costs than expected, as an emissions trading success story.
A pilot market for emissions trading aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be established to include major U.
What is at risk is that if we go ahead and sign the Kyoto Protocol, and then other countries simply say no to our carbon emissions trading proposals after we sign," warns Novak.
In just two years, RECLAIM has fostered a brisk emissions trading market," said James M.
Policy initiatives promoting the adoption of carbon taxes over emissions trading
A new way for the world to decrease greenhouse gases (GHGs), carbon emissions trading schemes, treat GHG emissions allowances as commodities and let high-emissions firms purchase emissions allowances from firms with low emissions.
At the 8th Partnership Assembly meeting held on March 3-5, 2014 in Mexico and attended by 100 participants from 30 countries, Kazakhstan was admitted as a Technical Partner of the PMR by successfully presenting its proposal for technical support to implement its National Emissions Trading Scheme.
BRUSSELS and WASHINGTON, June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 3rd and 16th, Enhesa and Baker & McKenzie will come together to co-host a complimentary webinar on emissions trading.

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