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Normal vision.



normal, or correct, refraction of the eye, as opposed to incorrect refraction, or ametropia, in which the optical system is unable to bring into focus on the retina the parallel light rays entering the eye.

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Cats need higher diopteric strength IOL for restoration of emmetropia after removal of cataractous lens.
34) Thus it has been suggested that it is difficult to conceive how a global process of the eye, such as intraocular pressure or accommodation, could modulate an increase in growth and partial field myopia in one region of the eye while maintaining a normal level of growth towards emmetropia in the remainder of the eye.
Most of these patients hope to get rid of glasses or contact lenses, but emmetropia was achieved in less than 50% cases.
8,10,11,12) chances of emmetropia are highest when the AL/CRC ratio is close to 3.
The cornea seems to play an emmetropizing role in preserving emmetropia or low myopia.
An increase of myopia to 3D brings with it a tripled risk of PSCC and glaucoma, and a nine-fold risk of retinal detachment and myopic maculopathy in reference to the risk in emmetropia.
No longer just for myopic maths nerds, glasses are now a symbol of grown-up sophistication, with many men choosing to wear them, despite their emmetropia.
However, the amount of prism calculated is based upon the amount of positive power in the spectacles and, therefore, assumes that the patient is at or close to emmetropia.
7%) 473 100% Table 2: Refractive Error for Distant Vision in Presbyopes; n = 473 Refractive Error N = 473 % Emmetropia 235 49.
33) These generally reduce towards emmetropia throughout childhood, as the eye develops and grows.
The goal is no longer just being able to make the patient mobile and self-sufficient in looking after himself but to achieve emmetropia.