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An empath is one who psychically tunes into another person or group of people. This may be done consciously or unconsciously. For example, it may be a case of precognition, as in waking in the middle of the night aware of a disaster that has taken place and then finding, the following morning, that there was such a disaster. Or it may be a case of having an uncertain feeling of unease for a period and then, when a national calamity occurs, having the feeling dissipate. It is more specific than simply being a psychic.


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Eileen states, "Being an Empath is like a sponge, absorbing positive and negative energies from everyone around them, and even those who have passed on.
comprised of PCC and ICT self-care divisions, develops and licenses Empath, vocal emotion recognition technology utilized in multiple service sectors such as robotics, call centers and VR.
investigation, and tells of an empath who spends her life blocking her abilities--until she meets an ancient time-walker who reveals that a demon has been stalking her.
The entire cast provides uniformly extraordinary performances, but it is the energy and volatility of Coles Smith as the 'trickster' and Hamilton as the empath that provide the fire essential for Rex to realise the importance of living.
Zara, who is an empath like her dead mother, Eleanor, is brimful of courage and resolution and readers will be inspired by this feisty heroine who is prepared to risk all to bring down a powerful enemy.
edu/clcweb/vol16/iss2/3> Miriam Jaffe-Foger argues that Philip Roth's fiction represents him as an empath, a writer who prescribes for modern medicine a dose of humanity in listening to the pain of others.
That prompted me to study a form of energy healing, and from there I began to open up as a clairaudient and empath.
Seventeen-year-old Zee loves her job as an intern empath, but tries not to get too attached to her patients.
Perfection Unleashed" is a distant future science fiction novel from Jade Kerrion, following Danyael Sabre, an alpha empath trying to piece together his life among the Genetic revolution, which is rapidly changing humanity, and may now be sending them to war.
The three children are known as the Psychopath, the Empath and the Genius.
I am an empath, and my powers as an empath come into play in these pieces.