employer's liability insurance

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employer’s liability insurance

Insurance protection for the employer against claims by employees for damages which arise out of injuries or diseases sustained in the course of their work and which are based on common law negligence rather than on liability under workmen’s compensation acts.
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There were no claims relating to employer's liability during the period.
The decision this month in the Court of Appeal relates to a series of cases known as the Employer's Liability Policy Trigger Litigation.
In addition to conditions that must be satisfied, the standard wording of employer's liability coverage (part two of the policy) also includes descriptions of claims to which coverage does not extend.
What is most important for miners is having employer's liability or public liability coverage--this covers the survivors of injured or deceased workers.
A market based report looking in-depth at the three key liability sectors about which little objective information is available: employer's liability, professional indemnity and directors and officers.
Find out if your Coverage B, or Employer's Liability Policy, covers workers' intentional tort claims and plan accordingly.
In fact, relief from the duty to withhold or the obligation to pay employment taxes can substantially reduce an employer's liability.
The talks follow claims that soaring employer's liability insurance premiums are threatening many small and medium businesses in ``high risk'' sectors such as building, transport maintenance and mining.
Mr Williams said, ``The insurance industry needs to be investigated to find out why they are not willing to provide employer's liability compulsory insurance for small quarries and mines.
At a minimum, the comments said, the "indifference" standard for "culpable conduct" should be eliminated or made inapplicable to corporate employees in respect of their employer's liability.
In a post-Meritor policy statement, the EEOC distinguished between the two types of sexual harassment in determining an employer's liability and examined the Meritor Court's handling of this subject.
The answer to these questions may fall under an obscure 82-year-old statute called the Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA).
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