employer's liability insurance

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employer’s liability insurance

Insurance protection for the employer against claims by employees for damages which arise out of injuries or diseases sustained in the course of their work and which are based on common law negligence rather than on liability under workmen’s compensation acts.
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ADP TotalSource includes HR management and employee benefits functions including HR administration employee benefits and employer liability management into a single-source solution including HR administration employee benefits and employer liability management.
In 2014, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) identified McDonald's USA LLC as a joint employer, raising concerns of franchisors about Joint Employer Liability.
Summary: Employees are increasingly suing multiple companies under a theory of joint employer liability.
It also explores the political choice to be made between employer liability and worker compensation as two competing mechanisms for addressing the problems of injury on the job and workplace safety.
Nearly pounds 500,000 was dished out to workers in just nine months as the Birmingham authority was hit with 128 employer liability claims.
The establishment of an Employer Liability Tracing Office - essentially a database of all Employer Liability Insurers - making it much more feasible to trace the insurance provider responsible.
IN THIS SHORT but ambitious book Jamie Bronstein explores multiple facets of workers' experience of workplace injuries in nineteenth-century England, including their access to compensation through both legal and non-legal means, the cultural meaning of accidents, the relation between work injury and the ideal of free labour, and the politics of legislated protection and employer liability.
Reducing costs incurred by the government in caring for people admitted to local hospitals for conditions caused by passive smoke exposure, and a reduction in costs of employer liability insurance, are some of the benefits experienced by countries enforcing smoke-free laws.
The newsletter carries news and developments as well as commentary from employment law attorneys and includes coverage of such topics as: equal employment opportunity laws: wrongful termination and discipline; employee privacy issues, including drug testing; wages, hours and working conditions; unemployment and state disability insurance; trade secrets and unfair competition; California occupational safety and health law; employer liability to third parties for employee conduct; and, public sector labor relations.
extending employer liability protection to directors of corporations who are employers, and
Mark Lies II, an attorney with the law firm Seyfarth Shaw, Chicago, offered information on employer liability.
The hard-pressed NHS could be allowed to pursue companies for the cost of treating people injured in workplace accidents - pushing employer liability premiums to record levels.
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