employers' liability

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employers' liability:

see workers' compensationworkers' compensation,
payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries, or in some cases of occupational diseases, received by employees in the course of their work.
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This is worrying as employers' liability is a compulsory legal requirement for a business with employees.
Marsh's core package provides coverage across five fundamental areas of insurance: public liability; professional indemnity; maritime employers' liability; employers' liability and personal accident.
The proposed tracing office will incorporate an electronic database of employers' liability insurance policies, which should make it easier to track down these records and improve the existing tracing service.
The High Court has now ruled that although claims brought under public liability insurance are governed by the Bolton 2006 decision, employers' liability claims should be treated as they have always been, and that mere exposure to asbestos is sufficient to generate a legitimate claim.
Like the common law, this is well-traveled terrain and Bronstein traverses it well, although her exposition stops somewhat abruptly with the passage of the Employers' Liability Act of 1880, which limited the employers' common-law defenses, rather than continuing to 1897 and the passage of a no-fault workers' compensation statute.
Mick Hodgson, BiB account executive who specialises in agriculture and horticulture, said farmers who have employers' liability insurance should check it covers extra workers.
One year on from the change in employers' liability legislation, 73 per cent of UK sole traders admit to not being aware of the update in the law and its implication, reveals research by MORE TH>N Business.
If adopted, the measure would oblige companies to conduct detailed and regular risk assessments in order to keep their employers' liability insurance down to affordable levels, according to Darren Smith, an associate in the Midlands office of international law firm Reed Smith.
The move should make it easier for small firms with good health and safety practices to gain access to employers' liability insurance, the cost of which soared three-fold between 1996 and 2002.
THE Government yesterday announced a series of measures to help businesses in the face of the spiralling cost of employers' liability insurance.
The Certificate of Insurance should also indicate that the organization carries Workers' Compensation and Employers' liability Insurance in accordance with the laws of your state.
I will attempt in the following to briefly address some of the state exemptions to workers' compensation laws that should be included within the scope of the laws and/ or afforded insurance coverage by endorse ment to the standard workers' compensation and employers' liability policy:

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