employer's liability insurance

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employer’s liability insurance

Insurance protection for the employer against claims by employees for damages which arise out of injuries or diseases sustained in the course of their work and which are based on common law negligence rather than on liability under workmen’s compensation acts.
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Contract award: P0236 - The Renewal of the following Policies: Employers Liability, Motor Policy, Acivico Ltd Full Range of Perils, Birmingham Museums Trust Full Range of Perils.
Since its founding, AMCOMP has dedicated itself to the development of higher educational standards and the creation of a workers compensation and employers liability professional designation.
While we remain patiently optimistic the Government will soon make an announcement in relation to the Law Lords view that pleural plaques is an illness that should not be compensated, last week the Department for Work and Pensions published its consultation on introducing an Employers Liability Insurance Bureau (ELIB).
The fund, the Employers Liability Insurance Bureau, will be crucial in Merseyside and North Cheshire because of their industrial past, making asbestos exposure a "ticking timebomb".
Petersburg has launched a new workers' compensation Longshore and maritime employers liability program.
We are calling for a new Employers Liability Insurance Bureau which would provide a "fund of last resort", paid for by all insurers, to help workers who can't trace their firm's insurers.
Since 1972, the United Kingdom has had compulsory employers liability insurance, said Hopley.
The purpose of this article is to review how employers liability coverage responds to those instances in which workers compensation does not apply and the standard limits, coverage conditions and exclusions of employers liability coverage.
New measures announced by the Government to help businesses deal with the cost of employers liability compulsory insurance were praised by employers yesterday.
The conference, including lawyers, academics, researchers, representatives of companies and labor unions, and HR specialists, dealt with such issues as: addressing sexual harassment claims through existing NLRB, state and federal statutes; the rights of accused employers; employers liability for sexual harassment; company policy initiatives and their conflict with the First Amendment; confidentiality privileges; and, negotiated solutions.
Separate and distinct benefits or liability systems are available to rail road workers, who are subject to the Federal Employers Liability Act.
Providing a forum of exchange allows both US and European delegates an opportunity to openly compare and contrast the workers comp and employers liability systems.
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