Tse Hsi

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Tse Hsi,

Chinese empress dowager: see Tz'u HsiTz'u Hsi,
 Tsu Hsi,
 Tse Hsi,
or Cixi
, 1834–1908, dowager empress of China (1861–1908) and regent (1861–73, 1874–89, 1898–1908).
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Jung Chang, who became a publishing sensation with her bestseller Wild Swans, will be at the Gala on October 17 to introduce her latest book, Empress Dowager Cixi, described as the most important woman in Chinese history.
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Now, it is the turn of the infamous Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) of the late Qing dynasty.
Fiercely intriguing, Empress Dowager Cixi was perhaps the most extravagant and certainly among the most powerful women in Chinese history.
Jung Chang, author of Wild Swans and Mao: The Unknown Story, will discuss her latest book, Empress Dowager Cixi, on Friday, October 17.