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What does it mean when you dream about emptiness?

An empty container or vessel may indicate a feeling of having nothing to show for all the time and effort invested in something, such as a business venture or a personal relationship.

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The path, always travelled from daylight to dark, and which he had so recently seen glutted with humans, now in its emptiness affected him profoundly with the impression of the endingness of all things in a perishing world.
The emptiness of the space which he had expected to see occupied, was appalling, and he shrank down, sick and dizzy with the baffling apparitional past that thus vexed his consciousness.
I answered he knew that was at present out of my power, as I had informed him of the emptiness of my pocket.
Already one seemed conscious of a certain emptiness as though the genius of the place had gone.
Then the lama raised his head, and looked forth across them into space and emptiness.
These men follow desire and come to emptiness. Thou must not be of their sort.'
"In the first place, I cannot see you," I said, and I could hear his gleeful laugh from the midst of the emptiness. "Of course," I continued, "you cannot escape your shadow, but that was to be expected.
heard the voice of Lloyd Inwood from out of the emptiness. And then Paul's voice crying, "Yes, we've had enough of peacemaking!"
EARLY one morning, long ago, two women, with that deep emptiness that only grief can engrave onto hearts, arrived to tend the body of the one they loved and in whom they had put all their hope.
Spanish artist Alvaro Trugeda's solo exhibition "Passion and Emptiness" is taking place at MOCA Cube until Jan.
Taking as their theme the quest for purification, the designs are arranged according to an aesthetic of emptiness that emptiness is shaped on paper by lines or strokes of varying widths and trajectories.
An exhibition "Full Emptiness: Virtual Reality Art" will open at ARTIM Project Space on September 20 as part of ARTIM Project.