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N] be any types of theuniversal and empty subsets, and A, B two neutrosophic crisp subsets on X defined by A = ({a}, {b,d}, {c}}, B = ({a}, {b}, {c, d}} then the family [GAMMA] = {[[phi].
Let <R [union] I> be any neutrosophic ring, a non empty subset P of <R [union] I> is defined to be a neutrosophic ideal of <R [union] I> if the following conditions are satisfied;
To do that, given a perfect matching M in G (which always exists in this case) a possibly empty subset of PEC cycles in [G.
Apr](A), then above definition is definition of fuzzy sub algebra of Hilbert algebra, and so a non empty subset A of X is a sub algebra of X if and only if the characteristic function of A is a fuzzy sub algebra of X.