in the Bible, village, ancient Palestine, S of Mt. Tabor, where lived a celebrated witch consulted by King Saul.
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The first section is on gender relationships, and among the eight topics are hearing Tamar's voice--how the margin hears differently: contextual readings of 2 Samuel 13:1-22, male royals and their ethnically foreign mothers: the implications for textual politics, and the medium of En-dor and the phenomenon of divination in 21st-century Israel.
In Chapter 28 of I Samuel, it is reported that Saul consulted a practitioner of necromancy, the witch of En-Dor, who evoked the deceased Samuel.
Had there been anything to it, Samuel would have appeared at his burial place in Ramah, not in far-away En-Dor.
Adroddodd Elias yr hanes yn ei lyfr The Road to En-Dor, a gyhoeddwyd yn 1919.
Aunque Emilio ya no puede viajar, estara siempre entre nosotros, asi como ese espiritu invisible, travieso y pelado de En-Dor. Nos mira divertido, con su sonrisa felina, desde el cerro de Xalapa, mientras sus muchos personajes siguen animandonos a tomar el paso decisivo y lanzarnos al mundo:
Wahrsagung oder Totenbeschworung defines the principal theological viewpoints on the incident at En-Dor that Kleiner finds in 1 Sam.
Enough has been said to indicate the scope and nature of this study of the En-Dor pericope.
At En-dor, however, Samuel appeared in his full form, not as a silhouette or in smoke.