Enamel Paint

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Enamel Paint


a suspension of highly dispersed pigments (mainly, inorganic pigments) in varnishes. In addition to the major components, enamel paints may contain fillers, plasticizers, hardeners, siccatives, substances to impart a dull finish, and thinners. They are subdivided on the basis of the film-forming material into oil, alkyd (glyptal and pentaphtal), epoxy, organosilicon, nitrocellulose, and polyacrylic paints.

Enamel paints are applied on primed or spackled surfaces by any one of the existing methods (seeVARNISHES). When dry, they form a decorative and protective finish, similar in appearance to enamel (hence the name). Enamel paints are used on airplanes, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, machine tools, refrigerators, and various instruments. (See alsoPAINTS and VARNISHES.)


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Once the undercoat is completely dry, apply Japlac High-Gloss Enamel paint all over your piece of furniture with smooth, even brush strokes.
PAINT COLORS: Kelly-Moore Rust-Oleum in Perimwinkie Blue; latex and enamel paints are custom-mixed.
Only Manufacturers or an Authorised Dealer of Signal Red Synthetic Enamel Paint should quote.
Tenders are invited for Synthetic enamel paint - light biscuit colour.
Contract awarded for 1) 7777n001-polyurethane enamel paint venetian grey (pu) rdso spec no.
Almirah Steel (small) S VI7" made by 22 CR Sheet with 2 shelves and 3 Compartments having locking facil-ilh six lever lock anc hedhandle painted with double coat furniture enamel paint ETC...
Item Description: Painting on Concrete Surfaces One coat on old surfaces (Painting one coats after cleaning all dirt & dust, filling the surface with synthetic enamel paint in all shades on old concrete surfaces
Only Manufacturers or an Authorised Dealers / Distributors of Synthetic Enamel Paint Golden Yellow should quote.
Tenders are invited for Providing synthetic enamel paint to footpath and central divider key walls and cleaning of footpaths from railway under pass to flyover and south jail road (ambedkar statue to haritha lodge) ifr roads in ward no.30
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)chemical and thermal resitant epoxy enamel white paint as per spec bp56179 qty: 100 lt 2)epoxy thinner suitable to chemical and thermal resistant epoxy enamel paint qty: 25 lt