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A lustrous, grayish-black mineral which is found in orthorhombic crystals but is more commonly columnar, bladed, or massive; hardness is 3 on Mohs scale, specific gravity is 4.44; in some places enargite is a valuable copper ore. Also known as clairite; luzonite.



a mineral of the sulfide class, with chemical composition Cu3 AsS4. Enargite, which contains admixtures of Sb (up to 6 percent), Fe, or Zn, crystallizes in the orthorhombic system, forming steel gray or greenish black tabular or prismatic crystals. Twins are common, while stellated trillings occur less often. The mineral is also found in the form of granular aggregates. Enargite is opaque, with a metallic luster and perfect cleavage in one direction. It has a hardness of 3.5 on Mohs’ scale and a density of 4,300–4,500 kg/m3.

Enargite occurs in hydrothermal average-temperature deposits, such as copper-pyrite, copper-porphyry, and pyrite-enargite deposits. Upon the weathering of enargite, malachite, azurite, copper arsenates, and other minerals form. Enargite, together with other minerals in copper deposits, is a constituent of certain copper ores.

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Gold is related to veins and hydrothermal breccias mineralized with oxidized pyrite and enargite.
Silicified dacite volcanics with disseminations and stringers of pyrite and minor amounts of disseminated sphalerite, enargite and chalcopyrite were intercepted from 14.
Enargite boulders grading 10 percent to 20 percent copper, discovered adjacent to the prospect area, suggest that the Miwah gold prospect may be related to a nearby porphyry gold-copper system.
Pressure oxidation is effective in treating enargite, the main copper-bearing mineral in the Quimsacocha deposit, resulting in high recoveries of both gold and copper with low reagent consumption.
Enargite boulders, grading 10 percent to 20 percent copper discovered adjacent to the prospect area, suggest that the Miwah gold prospect may be related to a porphyry gold-copper system.
The ore contains values of copper and arsenic, suggesting that primary sulfide mineralization includes enargite, a characteristic mineral of high-sulfidation epithermal gold deposits.
In Soras, Eastern Poracota, a diamond drill hole (DDH) indicated high- grade veins of gold and silver associated with enargite and tenantite.
The distal expression of this extensive copper-rich system is a pyrite and enargite zone that overlies and flanks the entire strike extent of the chalcopyrite-bornite-chalcocite-rich core of the Hugo Deposit.