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Edutainment: Microsoft Encarta 95 (MPEG version), Microsoft Explorapedia; Hello Kitty Big Fun Deluxe; Keroppi Day Hopper and Cartoon Toolbox starring Felix the Cat
In addition to NetCruiser Plus from Netcom, the new HP Pavilion PC models will include Microsoft Encarta 95 (MPEG version), which features full-motion video.
HP Pavilion PCs come with an extensive software bundle, including leading reference, education, entertainment, communication, productivity and personal finance titles such as Microsoft Works for Windows 95, Microsoft Encarta 95, Microsoft Bookshelf 95, EasyPhoto, Memphis Math and Quicken SE.
Microsoft Home Bundle, Including: -- Microsoft Encarta 95 -- Microsoft Dangerous Creatures -- Microsoft Golf -- Microsoft Works -- Microsoft Money -- Microsoft Underwater Scenes