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isolating a certain enemy grouping from the remainder of enemy troops in order to subsequently destroy or capture the grouping.

Encirclement is most often achieved when the enemy defense is broken through in two or more sectors of the front and the attack develops along converging axes. As a result, a solid internal front and an active external front are created, cutting the surrounded grouping off from the remainder of its forces. Encirclement may be carried out during pursuit of a retreating enemy, when defending troops conduct counterattacks and counter-strikes along converging axes, and when troops are operating along a coastal axis and the enemy is pressed against the sea and cut off from other forces. A superiority over the enemy in forces and weapons is ordinarily established during actions with the objective of encirclement. Sometimes, under favorable conditions, encirclement is possible with equal forces. The surrounded enemy grouping is blockaded from the air and, on coastal axes, from the sea.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45, Soviet forces successfully encircled and routed major enemy groupings in the battle of Stalingrad of 1942–43, the Korsun’-Shevchenkovskii operation of 1944, the Iasi-Kishinev operation of 1944, the Byelorussian operation of 1944, the Budapest operation of 1944–45, the East Prussian operation of 1945, and the Berlin operation of 1945.


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China must fully accept that any effort at strategic encirclement of India will be countered.
The cabinet decided to relax the encirclement around Arafat "in the hope that he will finish the job.
He was freed in the village of Komsomolskoye when rebels there tried to break out of a Russian encirclement.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi forces are about to complete the encirclement of ISIL's stronghold in the Old City of Mosul, as the military operation by Baghdad forces to liberate the Northern city of Mosul from militants continue in the Holy month of Ramadan.
Mosul / NINA / Iraqi army forces (9th army division) managed to liberate Abbasia village fully within Nimrod sector amid intense clashes with Daesh according to a military source The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The Iraqi army forces managed to free Abbasia village within Nimrod region after completing the encirclement of Nimrud archaeological center to start breaking in Nimrod center.
It has since developed close ties with Kabul, prompting Pakistani fears of encirclement.
This second volume in David Glantz's Stalingrad trilogy is primarily concerned with the fighting between Axis and Soviet forces for the city of Stalingrad from the arrival of Axis forces in strength at the city up to the start of the Soviet counteroffensive that led to the encirclement of the German Sixth Army and elements of the Fourth Panzer Army.
The evidence shows that a diplomatic encirclement of Iran is in the offing, and this could have serious consequences.
On April 24 1951, Z Company was sent to hold a ridge which, if taken by the enemy, would have meant the encirclement of the battalion.
Roadblocks are dismantled in Hebron and the Army is also ending its encirclement of Qalqilya and Tulkarem.
Afghanistan's opposition Northern Alliance will complete its encirclement of the capital Kabul by the end of this week and begin advancing on the city next week, a spokesman for ousted Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani said Monday.