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Enclitics are reduced or contracted forms of words. They are attached to the word that precedes them by an apostrophe, and they are dependent on that word for their meaning.
Enclitics generally consist of just one consonant sound and cannot stand on their own. In English, they are usually the unstressed forms of functional words such as auxiliary verbs, determiners, participles, and pronouns. As such, they have grammatical rather than lexical meaning (compared with suffixes, which create new words through inflection).
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an unstressed word that in speech becomes attached to the previous stressed word. The two words together form an accentual unit, or phonetic word. The most common enclitics in Russian are particles, such as by, zhe, -ka, li, and -to, as in gdé-by and ddi-ka. Pronouns, nouns, and verbs, depending on the context, can also function as enclitics, as in the sentence Gdé byl étot chelovék? (“Where was that man?”)

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Compare the enclitic 'r form of the definite article.
Shirley was reluctant to disrupt iambic rhythm with enclitic syncopations, like Shakespeare 25 years previously.
postulated morpheme # word boundary = enclitic boundary - polysyllabic suffix boundary (independent prosodic word) + monosyllabic suffix boundary (part of preceding prosodic word) .
These data show that a speaker can map two different prosodic structures (stress retained on the imperative verb even when enclitic pronouns are added (a), and stress on the final clitic pronoun (b)) onto the same non-Italian syntactic structure (imperative verb + accusative clitic + dative clitic).
Enclitic possessives in Lecce and surrounding towns.
Light plays a role: brush away the soil, the enclitic grammar of the flesh.
Taiwanese accomplishes a similar feat by manipulating the enclitic -n, which indicates plural pronouns.
Derrida, Jacques (1978), "The Retrait of Metaphor", Enclitic 2(2): 5-33.
The examples below show first person singular enclitic =nash, as intransitive subject in example (1), transitive subject in example (2), and object in example (3).
The carpenters were technicians who devoted themselves to the minutiae of scholarship, such as Robert Brownings hero in "A Grammarians Funeral," who formulated the syntactical "doctrine of the enclitic De," i.
Polar interrogation is expressed by the 2nd position enclitic -a (with a slightly different meaning and distribution also -go, -son, or -sat), and in neutral-scope questions the finite verb occurs in the first position (see Moshnikoff, Moshnikoff, Koponen 2009 : 154--155).
Derrida, Jacques (1978), "The Retrait of Metaphor," Enclitic 2(2): 5-33.