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The buildup of slag or other material inside furnaces and kilns.
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the phenomenon in which individual crystals or rock debris that were formed earlier are overgrown by a mineral aggregate. In encrustation the newly formed mineral is deposited in the form of granular crystalline drusoid crusts that cover fragments of brecciated ore or rock, sometimes in several layers, completely filling the cracks between the fragments. As a result, the ore (rock) assumes an encrustation texture.

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(A) Axial images of the distal tip of the device with encrustations. (B) Axial images of the distal tip of the device post resection and Holmium laser fragmentation.
mirabilis, if isolated from both a faecal and urine sample of the same patient, were genetically identical, and as such it was proposed that faecal contamination from the patient themselves could be the cause of recurrent CAUTIs and catheter encrustation. Alternatively, this study also speculates that patients who do not experience catheter encrustation may not be faecal carriers of P.
The demographic characteristics of the patients, the amount of encrustation, the length of the hospital stay, and the number of treatment modalities and sessions applied are outlined in Table 1, 2.
The encrustation technology used positively affects the percentage of germination and seedling emergence and it does not interfer in total length, length of shoot and root of the seedlings in all the cultivars of Brachiaria sp.
Similarly to biomass production, the amount of calcium carbonate encrustation on charophyte thalli is both a direct and indirect effect of primary production [14, 52].
Stent encrustation and stone formation was seen more in the patients where stent indwelling period was more than three months as was also observed by other authors.6,17 In our study, stents remained in place for maximum of two months despite those with encrustation who had been lost to follow up.
However, the safe window period of stenting is probably 6-8 weeks.6 In our study, stents remained in place for maximum of two months despite those with encrustation who had been lost to follow up.
This review concludes that most research in the previous decade has focused on understanding how catheter encrustations develop and how such encrustations may contribute to leaking/blockage of the catheter and urinary tract infection.
Blue to purple cryptocrystalline encrustations, also believed to be vivianite, have been found on the clay sediments of the river bank just upstream from the point bar and on gravel on the point bar.
The smooth bore corrosion-free pipes minimise encrustation, ensuring low pressure drops, and have no energy-sapping thermal bridges as pipe supports are attached via the outer jacket.
NovaBay's pipeline of Aganocide compounds is being studied in numerous preclinical programs and is currently in four Phase 2 clinical trials, including for: impetigo, a highly contagious skin infection; urinary catheter bacterial biofilm blockage, encrustation and associated infection; conjunctivitis, or pink eye infection; and acne.
The boutique will offer signature Haviland porcelain collections including this season's art-deco inspired Cible, the Ritz Imperial dinnerware set and the newest encrustation and relief introductions in a new, sandy beige color.