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Encyclopedia Americana


(1) A universal encyclopedia published in the United States (New York). The first edition was printed in 1903–04 in 16 volumes. A carefully revised 30–volume edition of the encyclopedia, published in 1918–20, formed the basis for subsequent revisions, including the 1961 30–volume edition containing more than 60,000 articles.

The Encyclopedia Americana is intended for the general public; it has articles on natural and exact sciences, on engineering and economics, as well as on separate works of literature, music, and art. As a rule it contains informative articles, but there are also survey articles most often about separate countries and centuries—for example, the articles “The 18th Century” and “The 20th Century.” Especially detailed material is provided about the USA and other countries of America—for example, biographies of American public figures and descriptions of the states of the USA, cities, institutions, and so forth. Many articles in the encyclopedia are written from anti-Marxist and anti-communist viewpoints. A yearbook, Americana Annual, which supplements the encyclopedia with news for the year preceding that shown in the title, has been published since 1923.

(2) The name of a 13–volume encyclopedia published in 1829–48 in Philadelphia.

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Viajo a Estados Unidos, conocio a Alexis de Tocqueville, fue editor fundador de la Encyclopaedia Americana, perdio a un hijo en la Guerra Civil estadounidense y se preocupo por el trato justo de prisioneros, soldados y no combatientes.