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With Encyclopedia Americana Online, users have easy access to information with the factual integrity they need to research topics for school reports, special projects, or to satisfy their own curiosity.
To deliver this type of online access to information in Encyclopedia Americana, we needed a solution that could help subscribers easily navigate throughout the volumes of information we publish.
PLWeb Turbo provides subscribers searching Encyclopedia Americana Online with the ability to browse through and quickly access the full-text of articles on the site, and to locate entries enhanced with more than 1,000 tables, 1,200 pieces of line art, 816 maps and 275 flags in full color.
PLS technology is well-suited for online subscription services like Encyclopedia Americana Online because it is user-friendly and scalable enough to handle the amount of information published in such an extensive encyclopedia," said Bob Enzwiler, vice president of sales and marketing for PLS.
Encyclopedia Americana Online is published by Grolier Educational, a division of Grolier Publishing Company.
To adapt to the new ways in which people use reference today, and to keep pace with the speed of information in the age of the World Wide Web, Encyclopedia Americana, which was originally published as a 13-volume work, has grown to encompass 30 volumes and, in 1996, was introduced online through Grolier Online, the leading Web portal for school and library reference users (http://go.
Encyclopedia Americana, which was revised far less often in the 19th century than it is today, now undergoes constant revision and updating in order to stay current.
We are excited and honored to celebrate the success of Encyclopedia Americana, which for the past 175 years has consistently offered reliable in-depth information that is highly academic, yet readable and entertaining and is now better than ever.
Since its introduction in 1996, Encyclopedia Americana Online has undergone numerous changes.