Endangered Species Coalition

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Endangered Species Coalition (ESC)

Address:PO Box 65195
Washington, DC 20035

Web: www.stopextinction.org
Established: 1981. Description:A coalition of 440 environmental, conservation, religious, scientific, humane, sporting, and business groups. Defends the Endangered Species Act by working to increase funding for endangered species protection and monitoring federal legislation for anti-environmental riders. Also works with regional organizations on issues affecting species survival and recovery.
Publications: Activist Updates (biweekly); free to members.

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Four activities based on National Standards in language arts, science, and geography present compelling ecological concepts based on the funny and thought-provoking context of the film and challenge students to get involved in issues that matter, using suggestions and resources offered by the National Wildlife Federation, the Endangered Species Coalition, and Defenders of Wildlife.
The criticisms of the initiative were leveled during a teleconference featuring the Endangered Species Coalition, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for Public Environmental Oversight, the National Environmental Trust and the National Wildlife Federation.
Over 70 leaders and organizations oppose Myers nomination, some of which include: California Senator Dianne Feinstein, Sierra Club, Arizona Wilderness Coalition, Committee for Judicial Independence, Endangered Species Coalition, Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, League of Conservation Voters, National Forest Protection Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council, Society of American Law Teachers, National Indian Gaming Association, National Congress of American Indians.
TEPAC consists of representatives from a wide spectrum of corporate, environmental and preservation, consumer, and academic constituents, including: General Motors, The Humane Society, Garden Clubs of America, Agrisystems International, The Carlyle Group, the Center for International Environmental Law, Consumers Union, Resources for the Future, Endangered Species Coalition, and George Washington University Law School.
It is clear that Americans appreciate strong protections for all endangered species," explained Brock Evans, Executive Director of the Endangered Species Coalition.
For more information on endangered species and the Endangered Species Coalition, see www.
The Endangered Species Coalition enthusiastically supports the reintroduction of the Endangered Species Recovery Act (ESRA) by Representatives George Miller (D-CA) and Frank Pallone (D-NJ) as the positive alternative to current attempts at weakening protection for imperiled species in the name of "reform.
It makes no sense to remove critical habitat protection before the court even decides whether the current designations are valid," says Endangered Species Coalition executive director Brock Evans.

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