Enderbury Island

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Enderbury Island:

see Phoenix IslandsPhoenix Islands,
group of eight islands, 11 sq mi (28 sq km), central Pacific, N of Samoa. The chain comprises a portion of Kiribati. The two most important are Kanton (or Abariringa) and Enderbury Island.
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The classy period drama about a group of doctors in London, including Shaun and Charlie Enderbury (Shaun Dingwall and Joanna Page, above) continues.
At the centre of their social circle is Dr Charlie Enderbury and his ex-nurse wife Lily.
Jack Davenport with the cast of This Life, left: above, his Breathless co-stars Zoe Boyle as Jean Meecher, Joanna Page as Lily Enderbury and Natasha Little as Elizabeth Powell.
In Breathless, Joanna plays Lily Enderbury, an ex-nurse married to hospital anaesthetist Dr Charlie Enderbury (Shaun Dingwall) and who is desperate to start a family.
The group met at member Linda Kolarov's listing at 1209 Enderbury, in Faircroft.
10 Sight Care, Leicester Marriott, Grove Park, Enderbury, Leicester, Regional meeting SEE ABOVE
This, however, ignores the multi-facetted nature of these cultural constructs: their relationships with and against Darwinism; their roles in efforts to explain seemingly inexplicable, distant and seemingly unconnected phenomena such as the "roads" on Enderbury Atoll, the stone moai of Easter Island, and the chiefly burial structures of Pohnpei; their essential being as putative origin places for ancient human societies; the geographical certainty they offer diffusionist models; and the comfort they offered for early anxieties about evolutionary anthropology.