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The membrane lining the heart.
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the endothelial lining membrane of the heart, folds of which form the cardiac valves. Inflammation of the endocardium is called endocarditis.

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Histologic sections revealed all three cardiac layers (epicardium, myocardium and endocardium).
The elimination of motion artifacts provides sharp endocardium and epicardium borders.
The analysis included 26,917 ALS deaths, 115,262 Parkinson's disease deaths, and 158,618 chronic disease of the endocardium deaths (Table 2).
The last piece is turning cardiac progenitor cells to endocardium cells (the heart's inner layer), and the researchers are making progress on that.
These models are meant to segment the endocardium and epicardium areas of the left ventricle.
In order to test our approach we used two image modalities for different organ studies, such as cranial midbrain MRI and endocardium left ventricle CT.
In particular, we define the infarct size as the relative amount of infarcted mid-myocardial contour area (MCA) with MCA being the area of the myocardial wall enclosing the left ventricle measured between endocardium and epicardium.
In the thrombosis stage, thrombi form along the damaged endocardium and can cause strokes and other embolic events [11].
The gross specimen measured 3,7 X 2,5 X 1,2 cm and was covered by glistening endocardium. On cut surface, it was entirely composed of yellowish smooth glistening fatty tissue occupying and expanding the atrial septum (Figure 1(a)).