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A function from a set with some structure (such as a group, ring, vector space, or topological space) to itself which preserves this structure.



a mapping of a set into itself in which the algebraic operations and relations defined on the set are preserved. For example, the mapping x → 2x is an endomorphism of an additive group of whole numbers, such that 2(x + y) = 2x + 2y.

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7] are Abelian, and, therefore, are determined by their endomorphism semigroups in the class of all groups ([7], Theorem 4.
In each case, V contains a countable linearly independent subset whose image determines the endomorphisms under consideration.
2 Frobenius endomorphism over Jacobian groups of hyperelliptic curves
A group element u [member of] W corresponds to the endomorphism f such that f([C.
Q being the symmetric endomorphism of the tangent space at each point corresponding to the Ricci-tensor S.
I]is a global endomorphism, it follows that the local form w j(f) is well defined (i.
The representation [tau] is said to be self-adjoint if for any x [epsilon] V, [tau] (x) is a self-adjoint endomorphism of E.
They include a range of exercises in their coverage of basic facts on modules, endomorphism rings of divisible and complete modules, representation of rings by endomorphism rings, torsion-free modules, mixed modules, determination of modules by their endomorphism rings, and modules with many endomorphisms or automorphisms.
In Morita I we show that the endomorphism pomonoid S of a cyclic projective generator over a pomonoid T is Morita equivalent to T.
He aims this primarily at those requiring a reference in isomorphism, endomorphism, refinement, the Baer splitting property, Gabriel filters and endomorphism modules.
Likewise, for every continuous endomorphism B : V [right arrow] V the estimates