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A function from a set with some structure (such as a group, ring, vector space, or topological space) to itself which preserves this structure.



a mapping of a set into itself in which the algebraic operations and relations defined on the set are preserved. For example, the mapping x → 2x is an endomorphism of an additive group of whole numbers, such that 2(x + y) = 2x + 2y.

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where t[xi], and f[xi], are the tangential and normal components of J[xi], respectively Then f[xi], is an endomorphism of the normal bundle [T.
In each case, V contains a countable linearly independent subset whose image determines the endomorphisms under consideration.
Akrem, On endomorphisms of BCH-algebras, Annals of University of Craiova, Math.
In this paper, we will write endomorphisms of left semimodules on the right side of the elements of the semimodule and endomorphisms of right semimodules on the left.
Their topics include financial markets, polynilpotent multipliers of finitely generated abelian groups, the concept of subtype in Bernstein algebras, optimal processes in irreversible microeconomics, algebraic solutions for matrix games, methods of drawing special curves and surfaces, some game theory and financial contracting issues in large corporate transactions, endomorphisms and endomorphism semigroups of groups, the noiseless coding theorem, odd zeta and other special function bounds, and spectral properties of discrete Schrodinger operator with quasi-periodically recurrent potential.
Keywords: Hyperelliptic Curve cryptosystems, scalar multiplications, Frobenious Endomorphism, Frobenious Expansion, Euclidean length
In pseudolinear algebra the symbol [delta] conventionally denotes a pseudo-derivation and [sigma] is an injective endomorphism, which is the case of the shift operator, defined by (3).
Endomorphism, mesomorphism and ectomorphism components were calculated by the equations proposed by Ross and Marfell-Jones (1991).
Here Lowry, though restricted by his own gender and endomorphism, could cross over, cross dress really with and without the clothes--"In the shower room at school--all of us girls so ashamed of ourselves" (34).
N] implies that [Mathematical Expression Omitted] for each [gamma] [less than or equal to] G/H and so if H is proper we may assume that the full endomorphism ring of [Mathematical Expression Omitted] in [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
iff 1) (c/~, [less than or equal to]/~, [circle]/~) is a scalar structure and 2) each endomorphism of (c/~, [less than or equal to]/~, [circle]/~ is an automorphism of (c/~, [less than or equal to]/~, [circle]/~) [Narens, 1985, pp.
It is proved that the finite groups of orders 37-47 are determined by their endomorphism monoids in the class of all groups.