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A function from a set with some structure (such as a group, ring, vector space, or topological space) to itself which preserves this structure.



a mapping of a set into itself in which the algebraic operations and relations defined on the set are preserved. For example, the mapping x → 2x is an endomorphism of an additive group of whole numbers, such that 2(x + y) = 2x + 2y.

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n]-orbits, which describes exactly those endomorphisms that come from [P.
A], [cross product]) we mark the set of all strongly extensional endomorphisms of semilattice (A, [=.
In 2006 Dar and Akram studied properties of endomorphism in BCH-algebra.
Lower case notation 'tr', 'det' refers to the generic trace and determinant and upper case notation 'Tr' 'Det' is the usual trace and determinant for matrices, in this case, for endomorphisms in End ([M.
Unfortunately, a similar general result with regard to properties of stable manifolds at the hyperbolic fixed point of endomorphisms whose differential is degenerate on its tangent contracting subspace is unknown to the author.
Study moduli of polynomial maps and algebraic endomorphisms.
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Mathematicians and scientists discuss such matters as rigid abelian groups and the probabilistic method, looking for indecomposable right bounded complexes, kernel modules of cotorsion pairs, upper cardinal bounds for absolute structures, subgroups of totally projective primary abelian groups and direct sums of cyclic groups, generic endomorphisms of homogeneous structures, special pairs and automorphisms of centerless groups, and some results on the algebraic entropy.
The almost para-hypercomplex structures, also named almost quaternionic structures of second kind, were introduced by Libermann in 1954 under the latter name [20] as a triple of endomorphisms of the tangent bundle {[J.
2n+1] which carries a field [phi] of endomorphisms of the tangent spaces, a vector field [xi], called Reeb vector field, and a 1-form [eta] satisfying [[phi].
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