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A function from a set with some structure (such as a group, ring, vector space, or topological space) to itself which preserves this structure.



a mapping of a set into itself in which the algebraic operations and relations defined on the set are preserved. For example, the mapping x → 2x is an endomorphism of an additive group of whole numbers, such that 2(x + y) = 2x + 2y.

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R](M) is the ring of all right R-module endomorphisms of M.
4 Representation of endomorphisms in more general spaces
MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION OMITTED] On the other hand, since the endomorphism of J(C) induced by i is an automorphism of abelian varieties and in particular preserves the polarization, also W is an eigenspace for i*, so it has to be the eigenspace corresponding to --1:
N](G) the set of all endomorphisms u of G such that [x.
The almost para-hypercomplex structures, also named almost quaternionic structures of second kind, were introduced by Libermann in 1954 under the latter name [20] as a triple of endomorphisms of the tangent bundle {[J.
j]'s are endomorphisms of a finite dimensional vector space, then the joint spectrum of [T.
2) The natural endomorphisms of the identity functor Id : A-mod [right arrow] A-mod are given by the action of elements in A.
Since we assumed T to be vertex critical, the only endomorphisms of T are the automorphisms.
The braids occur as the progressive endomorphisms in