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(in Britain) Employment Training: a government scheme offering training in technological and business skills to unemployed people
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Abbrev. for ephemeris time.
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Bernd Gersdorf, U Bremen. An integration of functional and logic programming.


The country code for Ethiopia.
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(1) See energy technology.

(2) (Encyclopedia Toolkit) The Encyclopedia Toolkit (E.T.) is a utility that lets multiuser customers add their own definitions into the Windows version of CDE. This is not interactive. All new terms must be coded in a text file that E.T. merges into CDE. E.T. re-indexes the database, and a new set of files is created for distribution to the server.

The Virtual Hypertext Bonus
Every custom term added is automatically hypertexted to all the terms in CDE. If a technical word is used to describe something, the definition of that word is retrieved instantly by clicking it as long as it is in CDE.

Procedure Summary
1. Copy et.exe into a work folder.

2. Create your definitions .TXT file (see Sample Coding below) and copy to work folder. Do not prefix .TXT file names with "CDE;" for example, "CDEterms.txt" is not valid.

3. Run E.T. and select FILE/ESTABLISH NEW DATABASE. You will be prompted for the folder where the existing encyclopedia is installed. E.T. will copy CDE.EXE, CDE.ABC, CDE.TXT and INTRO.BMP from that folder into the work folder. CDE.ABC and CDE.TXT are renamed CURRENT.ABC and CURRENT.TXT.

4. Select FILE/UPDATE and Add the .TXT files.

5. Click PROCESS.

6. To test the changes, select FILE/TEST UPDATED ENCYCLOPEDIA.

7. Copy the following updated files from the work folder to the CDE server folder:


Sample Coding
Following are the four transaction types:
 new term
 To add a term, put a plus sign on a line
 by itself, the term name on the next line,
 then the text.  You can have up to 64K of
 text in each entry.  In this transaction,
 all the text in this paragraph would be
 entered under the term "new term."

 The minus sign deletes an existing
 definition, but you can put text here
 for internal comments.

 This transaction replaces this text with
 the existing definition for "BASIC in ROM."

 This text is appended to AS/400.  A message
 is also inserted by the Toolkit to indicate
 this is a user-extended entry.

Bold, Italic, Subscript and Superscript
You may use standard HTML start and end tags.
<b> </b>, <i> </i>, <sub> </sub>, <sup> </sup>.

Paragraph Headers
CDE supports this subhead:

Centered Subhead

To display a centered header like the one above, use an <h> code with *no* end tag:
   <h>Code Headers Like This

Images in the Definitions
CDE supports GIFs, JPEGs and WMFs. This shows how to code an image (*no* end tags). Be sure to copy new images to the CDE pictures subfolder in the server.

   <title><b>Our Latest Frabbit</b>
   <caption>Our company makes the best
   frabbits in the industry.
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Ambrisentan is a type-A selective endothelin receptor antagonist and potent inhibitor of endothelin-induced vasoconstriction.
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Calcium channel blocker/decreased production of Endothelin 3.
Tracleer(tm) today - Approved in Pulmonary arterial hypertension Tracleer(tm), the first orally available dual endothelin receptor antagonist, is currently approved and available in the United States, the European Union (Germany and UK, others to follow), Canada and Switzerland for the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a chronic life-threatening condition that severely compromises the function of the lungs and heart.
Well-established studies have demonstrated an increase in the concentration of ET-1 in the blood of impotent men, as well as in diabetic patients and in rats submitted to chronic alcohol consumption, thus demonstrating the involvement of the receptor pathway of endothelin with those diseases (7-9).
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In the latest study, the researchers found that blocking Wnt signaling stalled stem cell growth and the maturing of stem cells into normally functioning melanocytes, even when endothelin proteins were present.
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This later phenomenon is believed to be principally related to an increase in adenosine generation and endothelin synthesis and to a decline in NO availability [1, 2].
Endothelin is a protein secreted from endothelial cells, and it is a powerful vasoconstrictor with mitogenic or comitogenic properties, which acts through the stimulation of 2 subtypes of receptors (ETA and ETB) [87, 88].

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