Endre Domanovszky

Domanovszky, Endre


Born Jan. 23, 1907, in Budapest. Hungarian mural painter. Domanovszky studied at the Academy of Arts in Budapest (1926-31).

Domanovszky’s works of the 1950’s and 1960’s reflect the social changes in People’s Hungary and create generalized, epic images of workers and peasants. Of these works the most notable are the fresco at the main entrance of the Metallurgical Combine in Dunauiváros (1955), the sgraffito for the railway station in Debrecen (1961), and the tapestry for the Polytechnical Institute in Miskolc (1966-67). Domanovszky’s works are distinguished by simplicity, freedom and spontaneity of composition, and the emotional expressiveness of a restrained, finely developed color range.


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