Copper Age

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Copper Age:

see Bronze AgeBronze Age,
period in the development of technology when metals were first used regularly in the manufacture of tools and weapons. Pure copper and bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, were used indiscriminately at first; this early period is sometimes called the Copper Age.
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Copper Age


(also Chalcolithic or Aeneolithic), a transitional period between the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age during which metal articles made of copper first appeared. However, stone tools continued to predominate. In the Middle East (southern Iran, Turkey, and Mesopotamia), copper and subsequently bronze articles appeared in the fourth millennium B.C.; in Europe, such objects appeared in the third and second millennia B.C.

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During the excavations near Gultepe 1 and the Shorsu Lake basin, which was conducted with the financial support of the Science Development Foundation under the President of Azerbaijan, more than twenty important artifacts were discovered - archaeological monuments dating back to the Neolithic and Eneolithic period.

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