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Consequently, food intake adjustment is fundamental to reach energy balance during different training periods and supplementation during exercise emerges as the most common strategies for promoting energy balance in periods of high intensity and prolonged exercises.
Energy inputs and outputs were subsequently related to their corresponding energy balance (Table 1), and the total energy consumed in each process and the total energy yield from the produced oil and oil cake were thus obtained.
The ultimate objectives of this study are evaluation of IRAN energy balance and understanding the production increase in different parts like crude oil, natural gas, coal, Biomass, hydro, wind, solar.
Association of energy balance and nutritional status has been explored by some workers.
Direct-indirect energy balance forms used in tea production were also investigated.
Using an exhaustive review of the energy balance literature as the basis, the researchers also refuted the popular theory that escalating obesity rates can be attributed exclusively to two factors -- the change in the American diet and the rise in overall energy intake without a compensatory increase in energy expenditure.
BL] patterns, for a whole year building location's range of ambient temperatures, a whole data-pattern displaced to the positive range on the Energy Balance plot is related to a misbalanced operation where more whole building heating has been recorded.
Material and energy balances for engineers and environmentalists.
Specifically, researchers working in aging, physiology, nutrition, and other areas in North America, Australia, and Europe address the extent to which increased adiposity contributes to age-related diseases and longevity; the protective role of weight in decreasing mortality while increasing pathology in aging patients; specific aspects of the regulation of energy balance during aging, including the effects of changes in food intake; and the causes and consequences of loss of muscle mass and age-related osteoporosis.
The complex will boost the share of coal in the country's fuel and energy balance to 15%.

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