Energy conservation

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energy conservation

[′en·ər·jē ‚kän·sər′vā·shən]

Energy conservation

Decreasing the demand for use of energy.
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National energy conservation day is celebrated every year to spread the message of conserving energy by organizing discussions, conferences, debates, workshops, competitions and etc across the country.
At present, China's energy conservation service applications are mainly found in industrial sectors (about 70% of the total energy consumption in the country), whose energy conservation service output value makes up more than 70% of the industry-wide output value.
IESCO Chief said government was making serious efforts to improve power generation and promote energy conservation in order to bridge the demand supply gap.
The Aqua-tech Paint System, which won the Director General Prize of Agency of Natural Resources and Energy (Exemplary Energy Conservation category), is a paint technology developed with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the vehicle painting process.
The automaker received the honour for energy conservation efforts at its Zaheerabad automotive manufacturing facility.
The awards are recognition of their demonstrated commitment to Energy Conservation and Efficiency.
In order to intensify the energy conservation initiatives, the Ministry of Power has instituted "National Energy Conservation Award" which is given on the occasion every year.
Vice Premier Li's latest remarks have attached greatest importance to the energy conservation and environmental protection sector.
Director of finance and business services, Umar Hussain, said: "The work of our Environmental and Energy Conservation Unit will be key to our success in reducing our environmental impact and maximising the financial resources we have available.
Contractors who complete the training will be eligible to do work through the Home Energy Conservation Program.
That is, these states developed green building programs for public buildings that beat the expectations of energy conservation as determined by building codes and/or will meet the criteria set forth in the US Green Building Council's LEED Silver rating or better.
The Senate could prevent oil drilling in ANWR, curb global warming, and propose energy conservation measures that improve rather than worsen air quality.

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