Energy conservation

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energy conservation

[′en·ər·jē ‚kän·sər′vā·shən]
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Energy conservation

Decreasing the demand for use of energy.
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A wide range of energy conservation services successfully demonstrated by ENERCON are now being picked up by the private sector, and ENERCON is turning its attention to implementing a number of key programmes designed jointly with industry, policy, makers, financial institutions a consumers with the objective of reducing energy intensities according to a defined schedule.
Finally, many governments lack the economic and environmental data that might serve as incentives for imposing measures to encourage energy conservation.
The campaign also recommended a number of things that help in the process of energy conservation, such as cleaning air filters, adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner at 23 degrees Celsius, switching off the devices if the rooms are not in use and dispensing operating the heaters in the summer.
Resultantly, Energy Conservation and Efficiency techniques have globally assumed tremendous importance.
The automaker received the honour for energy conservation efforts at its Zaheerabad automotive manufacturing facility.
Rick Brown, PhD, President, TerraVerde Renewable Partners, noted that, “California is one of the most attractive states in the US for renewable and energy conservation project development, and we are delighted to be partnered with the seasoned professionals at Carlos Urrutia Consulting and NHA Advisors to bring quality energy conservation and solar projects to the city, county and special district market.” He added, “TerraVerde looks forward to building on our success in providing California schools and non-profits with low-cost, clean power and energy conservation solutions.”
Vice Premier Li's latest remarks have attached greatest importance to the energy conservation and environmental protection sector.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 13 ( ANI ): Energy conservation has become the Indian Railways' 'Mission Area' in recent times, and as part of its efforts, three stations belonging to the Mumbai division of the Central Railways have adopted energy conservation techniques.
K-Electric organized an energy conservation seminar at the Korangi Association of Trade and Industries (KATI) recently.
Karachi -- K-Electric organized an energy conservation seminar at the Korangi Association of Trade and Industries (KATI) recently.

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