green building

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green building

An environmentally friendly residential or commercial building. See LEED and green.

Green building

Also known as sustainable building or environmental building, green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings and their sites use and harvest energy, water, and materials, and reducing the impacts of buildings on human health and the environment, through better site planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal—the complete building life cycle.
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Manfred Hegger from the University of Darmstadt and David Cook from Behnisch Architekten in Stuttgart, highlighted energy efficient building design and sustainability as well as progressive German policies targeting energy efficient architecture that has decreased long-term operational costs.
An energy efficient building requires optimization of the thermal shell (including walls, windows, and roof), daylight penetration, mechanical and electrical systems.
This one-day seminar on energy efficient building design will be held Sept.
LAS VEGAS -- Before the introduction of kama Energy Efficient Building Systems[TM] (www.
involvement in overseeing and disposing of the nuclear waste -- "The nuclear subs are an environmental accident waiting to happen" -- it will cleanup the oil facilities, which have already been criticized by Greenpeace; and work to develop energy efficient building methods.
Altman's in its transformation into the New York Resource Center and Science Industry and Business Library; the Barney's makeover of 660 Madison Avenue; and Audubon's foray into energy efficient building materials for its new world headquarters at 700 Broadway.
With a combined strategic approach of renewable power, energy efficient building designs and recycling efforts, Safeway continues to be a leader in managing our energy footprint at all levels.
PermaCity's vision is the convergence of solar photovoltaic systems, software-driven advanced energy monitoring, environmentally friendly and energy efficient building materials.
We are particularly excited about operating an eco-friendly and highly energy efficient building.
The aim of the study is to have clear policy advice based on qualitative and quantitative data that analyse how to fully tap the potential of EPCs to stimulate building renovation and increase the value of an energy efficient building stock building, and how the recommendations in the EPCs can be designed in the best way to contribute to this.
Additionally, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing in June to review non-federal financing programs for energy efficient building retrofits.
The Program offers building decision-makers access to leading experts and state-of-the-art solutions -- custom-tailored to the region and across the entire range of applications from analysis and planning to energy efficient building material and technology suppliers.

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