power outage

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A failure in the electric power supplied by a utility company.
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If, however, energy outages are caused by a lack of attention to interwoven distribution systems of natural gas or bungled arbitrage opportunities between the interrelated natural gas, electricity and oil commodities, that's another.
Additionally, energy outages caused by seasonal and unpredictable weather patterns result in Herculean call volume spikes and erratic calling patterns that are challenging for utilities to manage.
LAHORE -- While expressing concerns over government departments' performance, Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) viewed that the country was bearing grave crises of economic bend and energy outages due to unrestrained corruption in public sector institutions.
The expansion has greatly increased Mondarra s storage and delivery capability, which means industry will be better able to maintain operations in the face of energy outages by drawing on gas stored at Mondarra, he said.
The impact of energy outages can be significant, and there is always pressure on utilities to reduce outage duration and frequency, as well as keep customers better informed during outages.
The PAAPAM chairman observed that numerous industrial zones in India offering concessions to promote the industry while in Pakistan due to frequent energy outages, which increase the production costs for the majority of those SMEs who do not have resources to set up captive plants, he pointed out.
During ongoing year, energy outages in the country continued to be the dominant constraint in its growth.
Islamabad -- The residents of the Federal Capital are dejected over prolonged energy outages specially the cuts in power these days like in other remote areas and cities of the country.
Senator Kamil Ali Agha said government wants to bulldoze the important public issue and expressed grave concerns over the attitude of the Chairman, added that people across Punjab are dejected over prolonged energy outages specially the cuts in power these days and Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Vehari are experiencing almost round the clock power shortfall these days.
Islamabad -- The National Energy Conference is an attempt to deceive the masses dejected over prolonged energy outages, the Punjab Forum said Monday.