Energy conservation

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energy conservation

[′en·ər·jē ‚kän·sər′vā·shən]

Energy conservation

Decreasing the demand for use of energy.
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They believe they're knowledgeable about climate change and energy saving and turn to many sources for advice and information on these issues.
A spokesman for the Energy Saving Trust said: "With the average person drinking five cups of tea a day it's time to stop over-filling the kettle each time we crave a cuppa.
Our Energy Saving giveaway has the support of Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband, who said: "It's terrific to see the Mirror offering readers practical help to save energy, save money and shrink their carbon footprint.
An owner of a home who makes other qualifying in energy saving improvements to the home will be able to claim a $500 lifetime tax credit for part of the cost of such improvements ($200 for windows).
The Inventions and Innovation (I&I) program provides financial assistance at two levels (up to $40,000 or up to $200,000) for conducting early development and establishing technical performance of innovative, energy saving ideas and inventions.
The saving was revealed by a recent Energy Saving Trust survey which rated homes for energy efficiency, then calculated the savings which could be made by 14 affordable options.
The Energy Saving Trust urged 'energy gluttons' to take steps to reduce waste by adopting energy-saving measures, such as upgrading to energy saving appliances and installing energy-saving light bulbs.
Check out the Ariel Energy Savers Map - see your town light up as you commit to saving energy and help make Coventry Ariel's top energy saving city in the UK
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NF Energy Saving Corporation (NASDAQ: NFEC) ("NF Energy" or "the Company"), a leading energy saving service solutions provider for China's power, petrochemical, coal, metallurgy, construction and municipal infrastructure development industries, announced today on the new contracts signed.
The Group presented its diverse and inventive energy saving lighting and climate control solutions under its business division Al Yousuf GreenTech, or AGT.
Householders up and down the country are set to benefit from an extensive programme of energy saving advice, thanks to further Government funding made available through the Big Energy Saving Network.
NF Energy Saving is a China-based provider of integrated energy conservation solutions utilizing energy-saving equipment, technical services and energy management re-engineering project operations to provide energy saving services to clients.

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