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This spring, Anderson organized an ag energy smart and climate resiliency educational roadshow with stops from Cortez to Craig, telling ag producers in the audience, "It's about your survival and having the capacity to deal with hardships."
The Global Smart Cities Contest also presented awards in several categories, such as Best Mobility Project (Qlue Performa, Indonesia), Best E-Government Project (Tomi World, Portugal), Best IoT Project (Atcogen, Tunisia), Best Energy Project (Energy Smart, Estonia) and Excellence Award (Dell EMC).
It is equipped with Stop and Start (engine standby mode) and Energy Smart Management (energy recovery during deceleration and braking).
#PledgeToConserve has also been trending on KE's social media which promotes KE's commitment towards energy conservation advocacy and adopting energy smart lifestyles.
'Efficiency and the customers' power of choice could be effectively be realized through the use of 'energy smart technologies,'' Delola stressed.
The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute has added Savigent Software, a provider of Smart Manufacturing solutions and Workflow Automation software developed for the demanding environments of manufacturing companies, as its first national member of the Manufacturing USA initiative.
The Steering Committee was informed that 1 Mega Watt Solar Power Project indigenously developed as an energy smart initiative by DCK has been completed that will cater for power requirements of Campsite sector as well as meet the initial energy demand of Sector 3.
The government has confirmed that the communications infrastructure behind its project for nationwide energy smart metering will not be operational until the end of the month, marking a further delay in the project.
But that doesn't mean we have automatically become energy smart. One of the benefits of reading "The New Strong" is the realization that all energy is not interchangeable.
When the year-long program was initially launched, it was supported in part through a matching Department of Energy Smart Meter grant.
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