Enescu Festival

Enescu (George) Festival

August and September (in odd-numbered years)
The George Enescu Festival is held in Bucharest, Romania, over three to four weeks in August and September in odd-numbered years. More than 3,000 musicians, many of them distinguished artists, take part in Romania's celebration of its only famous classical-music composer, George Enescu (1881-1955). In addition to an extensive program of concerts and recitals, prestigious competitions are held at the same time for composers, pianists, and violinists. The rest of the country joins in with related concerts in other parts of Romania.
In 1958, the then-communist regime in Romania launched the festival to honor an artist who had been driven out by their policies: Enescu had died in Paris just three years earlier. Concert venues are centered around Bucharest's Enescu Square and include the Sala Mare a Palatului (Palace Hall) and the Ateneul Roman (Romanian Atheneum), a neoclassical rotunda. Music lovers flock to the festival, whose ticket prices are far lower than many of its counterpart classical-music festivals in Europe.
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One of the renowned musical events is the George Enescu Festival, honouring the great Romanian composer.
Comanescu stated his intention to include the PETRA project in George Enescu Festival, the main traditional cultural event in Romania since 1958.
A very clear example is the Enescu Festival. This is a major event, and yet it is not promoted at all in Europe.
Born in 1941 in Los Angeles to Romanian parents, Foster has been a major champion of the music of Georg Enescu, serving as Artistic Director of the Georg Enescu Festival from 1998 to 2001.
The RLPO enjoyed tours in Europe including an acclaimed appearance at the Enescu Festival in Bucharest.
The Phil was joined by Japanese violin virtuoso Midori at the 3,000-seat Palace Hall concert venue on Saturday night, where they performed as part of the George Enescu Festival.
Now it looks as if the orchestra's performance over two nights in Bucharest could be among the most acclaimed at Romania's prestigious Enescu Festival too.
The Phil, which left Liverpool in the early hours today, joins top international orchestras including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic and the National Orchestra of France on the programme of the prestigious Enescu Festival.
The Phil was joined by Japanese violin virtuoso Midori at the 3,000-seat Palace Hall concert venue, in Bucharest, on Saturday night where they performed as part of the George Enescu Festival.
George Enescu''s perfectly approachable Second Suite, like a free-fall bungee jump to a Bachian ground-plan, is the offering for the twentieth George Enescu Festival, honouring an early 20th century composer with a razorsharpness matching Mozart.
The RLPO plays two concerts in the Romanian capital at the weekend as part of the country's prestigious Enescu Festival, before jetting across to Prague to perform in the Czech Republic's Dvorak Autumn Festival.