Enforcement Documents

Enforcement Documents


documents that form the basis for the compulsory execution of decisions of courts and arbitration bodies as well as of acts of the other bodies indicated by law.

Soviet law distinguishes several types of enforcement documents. Among these are writs of execution, certified executory instruments, and arbitration awards issued on the basis of decisions of arbitration commissions or arbitration courts on disputes between state institutions, enterprises, and/or cooperative and public organizations. Enforcement documents also include awards by the Maritime Arbitration Commission that have legal force, payment orders in arrears but accepted by the payer, and certificates issued by the factory-plant or local committees dealing with labor disputes on the basis of decisions of commissions on labor disputes or resolutions of the factory-plant or local committees and certificates of the committees on disputes concerning compensation for damage. Resolutions issued by commissions on the affairs of minors concerning collection of money, decisions issued by administrative bodies on proceedings for collection from citizens without recourse to the court, and decisions of executive committees of local soviets on the collection of compensation for the destruction of crops and damage to plantings and on the compulsory sale of a citizen’s second house that is his personal property also have the status of enforcement documents.

If at least one party to the dispute is an individual, the enforcement document must be presented for compulsory execution within three years from the time that the decision on the case has entered into legal force; in all other cases, the limitation period is one year, unless otherwise provided for by legislation. The limitation period is as a rule interrupted when the enforcement document is presented for execution. If an execution creditor has missed the time for the presentation of the writ of execution or certified executory instrument for reasons recognized as justified by the court, the limitation period may be restored, unless otherwise provided for by the law.

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Among them, when conducting administrative supervision activities such as supervision and inspection, investigation and evidence collection, taking coercive measures and enforcement, and serving law enforcement documents, administrative law enforcement personnel must proactively present law enforcement certificates, indicate their identity to the parties and relevant personnel, and adopt the method of wearing law enforcement certificates.
In terms of transcripts, we actively promoted the electronicization of law enforcement documents and law enforcement files, and formulated electronic information formats corresponding to the model format of law enforcement documents.
The Journal report Thursday is based on anonymous sources and law enforcement documents. It says a consulting business belonging to Ramirez's cousin demanded huge kickbacks from international vendors in exchange for awarding contracts with the PDVSA oil company.
The cumulative violations accounted for the large fine, the state Division on Workers' Compensation wrote in its enforcement documents.
Johnston cites an impressive litany of evidence -- including Nichols and Bojinka trial testimony, Philippine government and law enforcement documents, and published reports -- supporting Edwin Angeles' claim that Nichols was tied to Yousef and the Bojinka plot.
The Civil Enforcement Act also establishes a province wide registry of the enforcement documents and repository of information on debtors.
Since Congress routinely examines far more sensitive materials than anti-pollution enforcement documents, lines were quickly drawn, and the hostilities began.
legal services for the implementation, on behalf of and on behalf of the customer, of the pretrial claim work to collect debts from debtors for communication services; to ensure the execution of court decisions (executive orders), control over the course of enforcement proceedings instituted on the basis of enforcement documents, taking other necessary actions aimed at collecting debts from debtors, including appeals to the internal affairs bodies and prosecutors.
Proposed Statement of Policy Regarding the Public Disclosure of Closed Enforcement Documents. The Commission approved a statement of policy that would expand the range of records on enforcement and administrative functions to be made publicly available on a regular basis.
*Online Document Management Ability to create, store, and easily retrieve Permit/Project/Code Enforcement documents within the system and import files.
*Preparing and executing affordability period enforcement documents such as deed restrictions, liens, affidavits, promissory notes, etc.

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