Engelbert Humperdinck

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Humperdinck, Engelbert

(hŭm`pərdĭngk, Ger. ĕng`əlbĕrt ho͝om`pərdĭngk), 1854–1921, German composer and teacher. He is known chiefly for his first opera, Hänsel und Gretel (1893), successful because of its fairy-tale subject and its folk-inspired music. He wrote other operas and dramatic music which are mostly forgotten.
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Engelbert Humperdink needed his belts tightened - he'd lost weight - and he wanted his half-boots colored vanilla.
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Jack White has produced, amongst others, the following international stars; Laura Branigan, Barry Manilow, Paul Anka, Engelbert Humperdink, Pia Zadora, Jermaine Jackson, Anne Murray, David Hasselhoff and Tony Christie as well as recordings from many of the famous German stars such as Vicky Leandros, Jurgen Marcus and Tony Marshall.
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Against the odds, he managed to turn Arnold Lodge into a centre of excellence, attracting the sons and daughters of celebrities such as singer Engelbert Humperdink, comedian Jim Davidson and cooking guru Prue Leith.
It couldn't get any worse, although I'm not sure how strongly Jane McDonald and Engelbert Humperdink figure in the Babs' life story.
A long relationship with MAM , a company set up by Gordon Mills, Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdink, followed.
If there are five better strikers available to the little German right now then I'm Engelbert Humperdink.
The cameras capture him as he jets out to Las Vegas for a leisurely 18 holes of golf with old friend Engelbert Humperdink.
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