Engine Displacement

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engine displacement

[′en·jən di‚splās·mənt]
(mechanical engineering)
Volume displaced by each piston moving from bottom dead center to top dead center multiplied by the number of cylinders.

Engine Displacement


the total working volume of the cylinders in an internal combustion engine. The working volume of one cylinder is equal to the product of the cross-sectional area of one cylinder multiplied by the piston stroke. The engine displacement is one of the features characterizing the power rating of an engine. The engine displacement is usually measured in liters (cu decimeters), but, in engines of small working volumes, the displacement is frequently measured in cu cm (for example, in motorcycle engines).

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TMCAP will primarily produce continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) that Toyota uses on gasoline-engine vehicles with small engine displacement to improve driving performance while achieving high fuel efficiency.
Of the total first-half sales of used vehicles, excluding those of minivehicles with engine displacement of up to 660 cc, those of passenger cars expanded 8.
Together, these machines represent an amazing array of models that appeal to different segments of the market, varying in basic concept, engine displacement, individual styling and more.
Meanwhile, sales of minivehicles with engine displacement of up to 660 cc grew 40.
But it has decided to withdraw from minivehicle production to focus its financial resources on the development and production of ordinary passenger cars with an engine displacement of more than 660cc, such as the Legacy, according to the company.
Sales other than minivehicles with engine displacement of up to 660 cc expanded 55.
5 TFSI, a five-cylinder unit with direct injection and turbocharging that produces 228kW from 2,480cc engine displacement.
of engine displacement by NT$30,000 and that on motorcycle under 150 c.
Because of oil prices rising and the growing concern for environmental protection, almost all over the world consumers are beginning to buy automobiles with small engine displacement.
By using the structured foils with its Metalit LS-Design and PE-Design, it has been possible to increase the efficiency of the catalysts significantly and to reduce the catalyst volume by more than 70% to today's size of only one and a half times the engine displacement," says Maus.
Covered Jeep (Diesel) Of Tata / Mahindra Make On 24 Hours Per Day Basis With Mp And Up Permit For 90 Days At Dudhichua Project Having Minimum Engine Displacement Of 2500Cc And Minimum Fuel Tank Capacity Of 60 Ltrs
The new tax will see the price for vehicles with an engine displacement less than 1300 cc -- mostly found on hybrid vehicles and ultra light sedans -- taxed at a rate of TL 518 in 2013, up from TL 480 in 2012.