Engine Displacement

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engine displacement

[′en·jən di‚splās·mənt]
(mechanical engineering)
Volume displaced by each piston moving from bottom dead center to top dead center multiplied by the number of cylinders.

Engine Displacement


the total working volume of the cylinders in an internal combustion engine. The working volume of one cylinder is equal to the product of the cross-sectional area of one cylinder multiplied by the piston stroke. The engine displacement is one of the features characterizing the power rating of an engine. The engine displacement is usually measured in liters (cu decimeters), but, in engines of small working volumes, the displacement is frequently measured in cu cm (for example, in motorcycle engines).

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For the ambassador or chief of mission of Philippine embassies/consulates abroad, they could use only a sedan with engine displacement not exceeding 3500 cc for gasoline or diesel in the country where the embassy/consulate is located.
The source also explained that item 5 in the agreement includes provisions for a reduced tariff rate for European cars with an engine displacement that exceeds 1300cc.
Minivehicles have enjoyed a significant tax advantage owing to their small engine displacement, although their environmental performance is not much better than some larger vehicles.
A large share of sales in April were of small cars and crossover vehicles promoted by tax cuts and other policies favouring vehicles with engine displacement of 1.
Master of all trades, the 650cc Bandit combines the best-loved characteristics of the popular Bandit 600 with an additional 56cc of torque-building engine displacement.
48 metres wide and 2 metres high with an engine displacement of no greater then 660ccs.
will begin assembling motorcycles with an engine displacement of 110 cc next January, and 1000-cc commercial vehicles and passenger cars the following month.
specifications: the wheel loader shall have a 4-cylinder, diesel engine with a minimum 70 net horsepower; the wheel loader shall have a minimum engine displacement of 2017 cubic inches; the engine shall provide a minimum iso net torque rating of 227 ft-lbs at 1,400 rpm; rated engine speed, full load 2500 rpm minimum; parent metal bore; integral water pump; integral engine oil cooler; liquid cooled engine.
Department secretaries and other officials of equivalent rank in national government agencies, GOCCs and LGUs could only purchase for official use either a car (sedan or hatchback) with engine displacement not exceeding 2200 cc for gasoline or 3000 cc for diesel, or an AUV/CUV/MPV with engine displacement not exceeding 2000 cc for gasoline or 2800 cc for diesel.
4-litre engine displacement that delivers maximum power of 95hp at 6,000 rpm, and a maximum torque of 130Nm at 4,000 rpm.