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The engineered landfill of Sidi Ben Adda is localized to 4 km in the North-West of Ain Temouchent (Algeria), latitude: 35[degrees] 18'19" Nord and longitude: 1[degrees] 10'53" Ouest.
An engineered landfill system with gas recovery not only for efficient municipal solid waste management but also generate renewable energy and control over the methane emissions to the atmosphere.
must be evacuated to an authorized treatment center (CTA) or engineered landfill (CET) approved by the Walloon Region as appropriate.
On the tender documentation it was stated: 'Considering the level of complexity of the existing dump site in Barka along with its environmental and social hazards, the need for an engineered landfill has becomes one of the most important projects, and one that needs to be expedited.
Enlargement of new VLLW repository of engineered landfill type construction of the Stage II
Sharjah's Bee'ah has a current waste diversion rate at its engineered landfills of 55 per cent and the waste to energy plant, along with other recycling facilities, will help the firm reach its goal of zero waste at landfill by the first quarter of 2015.
These are establishment of 16 engineered landfills, 65 waste transfer stations and four solid waste treatment plants.
Modern engineered landfills are designed not to leak, but eventually they all do.

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