marine engineering

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marine engineering

[mə′rēn ‚en·jə′nir·iŋ]
The design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of main power plants, as well as the associated auxiliary machinery and equipment, for the propulsion of ships.
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Marine engineering

The engineering discipline concerned with the machinery and systems of ships and other marine vehicles and structures. Marine engineers are responsible for the design and selection of equipment and systems, for installation and commissioning, for operation, and for maintenance and repair. They must interface with naval architects, especially during design and construction.

Marine engineers are likely to have to deal with a wide range of systems, including diesel engines, gas turbines, boilers, steam turbines, heat exchangers, and pumps and compressors; electrical machinery; hydraulic machinery; refrigeration machinery; steam, water, fuel oil, lubricating oil, compressed gas, and electrical systems; equipment for automation and control; equipment for fire fighting and other forms of damage control; and systems for cargo handling. Many marine engineers become involved with structural issues, including inspection and surveying, corrosion protection, and repair.

Marine engineers are generally mechanical engineers or systems engineers who have acquired their marine orientation through professional experience, but programs leading to degrees in marine engineering are offered by colleges and universities in many countries. See Marine engine, Marine machinery, Propeller (marine craft), Ship powering, maneuvering, and seakeeping

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