English Tudor style

Tudor Revival, Tudor style

Tudor Revival
A term descriptive of a picturesque mode of domestic architecture prevalent from about 1880 to 1940 and beyond, emulating its Tudor architecture prototype. Homes in this style, usually asymmetrical in plan, often were clad in brick, or stucco in combination with wood; commonly, false half-timbering; surface ornamentation consisting of strapwork; steeply pitched gables with little overhang at the eaves; bargeboards
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Purdy Lodge is a classic English Tudor style apartment building originally built in the 1930's.
Mace and Ewald enrolled their moms and grandma to help make the duct tape English Tudor style formalwear.
Ewald and Mace's English Tudor style formalwear surpassed the designs of 572 high school couples from 50 different states and Canada who also participated in the contest.
The restaurant's ambiance is traditional English Tudor style, quaintly decorated throughout with authentic bric-a-brac.

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