White Willow

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White Willow


(Salix alba), a tree of the family Salicaceae. Height of trunk, to 30 m ; diameter 1-1.5 m. The bark is dark gray with deep lengthwise fissures. The leaves are narrow and pointed, usually with silver edges. It blossoms in the spring.

The white willow grows along the banks of rivers and other bodies of water in the middle and southern zones of the European USSR and in the Caucusus, Western Siberia, and Middle Asia. In Transcaucasia and Middle Asia it is represented by special races, which are sometimes considered independent species. It is often cultivated. It reproduces on planting stakes.

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It was found this morning, in Shrewley, minus the bat, which is handmade, from Grade I English willow. There is only a handful of similar bats in the Midlands.
Off I went into the night - only to return 20 minutes later to see pounds 200 worth of finest English willow burning very nicely on the barbecue.
His bats are English willow, with a thick profile, massive edges which he likes, and he also likes his bats to be heavily bowed."
Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire will stage its annual Crafty Weekend, with live demonstrations of skills like English willow basket-making, pole lathe-turning and button-making alongside circus clown shows, morris dancers and falconry demonstrations.

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