primula vulgaris

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Colorful, edible flower with sweet, bland taste. Note there is another plant also called Cowslip (Marsh Marigold) which isn’t the same.
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coronaria), bleeding heart, candytuft, columbines, Oriental poppy, basket-of-gold, coral bells, sweet William, lupines, English primrose, and miniature roses.
Check nurseries and florists for plants in bloom now: African violets, cineraria, cyclamen, and English primrose should be available.
Choose from the billowy, pinkish fairy primroses (Primula malacoides), or the bolder English primroses (P.
Choose azaleas, calendulas, cinerarias, cyclamen, kalanchoe, pansies, English primroses, fairy primroses, Primula obconica, and snapdragons.
Turning to the shady flower bed, English primroses would definitely be the choice for colorful relief from the December garden blahs.
English primroses (Primula x polyantha) are noted for the brilliant, jewel-tone colors of their flowers, which come in almost any color including blue, yellow, deep pink, and rich lipstick red.