primula vulgaris

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Colorful, edible flower with sweet, bland taste. Note there is another plant also called Cowslip (Marsh Marigold) which isn’t the same.
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English primroses are those brightly colored flowers in red, pink, blue, purple, and white growing out of rosettes of sea-green lettuce leaves at shady entrances to upscale commercial buildings.
English primroses are perennials (or cool-season annuals in hot summer areas).
Add small mums and kalanchoe, or substitute english primroses or Rieger begonias.
Around Thanksgiving, English primroses - in red, yellow, blue, purple and white - make their grand entrance into the garden.
Plants are often sold simply as English primroses, fairy primroses, or obconicas.
This time of year, for example, someone who has never gardened before will see a beautiful planting of English primroses (Primula polyantha) - those shade-loving bedding plants with brilliant yellow, red, pink, blue and white flowers - and long to see them on both sides of his front steps.