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English setter,

breed of large sporting dogsporting dog,
classification used by breeders and kennel clubs to designate dogs bred for pointing, flushing, and retrieving game. These dogs hunt by air scent—as opposed to most hounds, which are ground scenters—and their quarry is primarily game birds.
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 developed over hundreds of years in England. It stands about 25 in. (63.5 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs about 60 lb (27.2 kg). Its flat or slightly wavy coat of medium-length, silky hair forms fringes of longer hair, or feathers, on the dog's underside, ears, chest, legs, and tail. Its coat may be colored black, tan, and white; combinations of lemon, liver, orange, blue, or black with white; and solid white. A coloration composed of white flecked with another color is called belton. Although setters were originally trained to crouch down, or set, in front of game to allow the hunter to capture it with a net, the increasing popularity of shooting game birds on the wing led to the training of setters to point. They are so trained today. See dogdog,
carnivorous, domesticated wolf (Canis lupus familiaris) of the family Canidae, to which the jackal, fox, and tanuki also belong. The family Canidae is sometimes referred to as the dog family, and its characteristics, e.g.
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He trained and bred the English setter Magic's Rocky Belleboa who won multiple championships on grouse and woodcock, and the Seminatore English Setter National Cover Dog of the Year Award in 2007.
Meanwhile registration of the English setter has dropped by 32 per cent and the Irish wolfhound has reduced by 26 per cent.
It's a dog's life: Richard McComb, far right, on a family camping holiday, in the 1970s, with English Setter, Oliver, mother Ann and sister Louise, and, above, Richard with his deaf English Setter, Blue
DISTINCTIVE: Richard Ansdell's English Setter and Partridge
Only 234 English Setter puppies were registered last year - a drop of 33% on 2010 - and numbers have declined by almost two thirds in the past decade.
Both the Animal Rescue League and the English Setter Rescue Group were thrilled to have such thoughtful items to sell or give as thank-you gifts to people who adopted their dogs and cats, and the students were proud to help homeless pets.
Nicola Boardman is so desperate to find her pet English setter, Henry, she has even consulted a psychic - who is certain the dog has escaped to Wales!
Newcastle Council is making it as plain as the long nose on my English Setter that owners who refuse to pooper-scoop when exercising their dog in parks will be hounded if you pardon the pun, to the full extent of the city's by-laws.
The doe repeatedly kicked the 12-year-old English setter as if "doing a tap dance on her head and back," said owner Diane Prokop, who lives with her husband and two dogs on Saratoga Street.
And, no two pointing breeds we know of are better suited to the sport than the English Setter and the Brittany.
One minute a wild-eyed, drooling, hard-charging English Setter named Bo is ranging far and wide, combing a clearing amid stands of slash pine, red oak, and magnolia trees; the next he is frozen in space, his nose trained on a clump of brush about 15 yards away.
Robinson wrote in Sports Afield magazine, for example, that Birdwell "is the west coast's top English setter breeder....Birdwell has been breeding a line of English setters that point with all the elegance and style of the best field-trial champions, but which hunt naturally at a pace and range that are comfortable for a man on foot."