English sheepdog

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English sheepdog:

see old English sheepdogold English sheepdog,
breed of large, wiry working dog developed in England in the early 19th cent. It stands from 21 to 25 in. (53.3–63.5 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 55 to 65 lb (24.9–29.5 kg).
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Like an unfriendly old English sheepdog, we economists would profit from reform and might come to be appreciated for the beneficial services we can provide our society.
Chihuahua registrations grew by 215 per cent from 2009 to 2013 while Old English Sheepdog registrations fell by 27 per cent.
A PEDIGREE English sheepdog taken from an animal sanctuary in Co Down was stolen to order, police believe.
BARNEY is an English sheepdog, aged four, who is very stressed in kennels.
Jodi Benson ("The Little Mermaid") is Lady, Jeff Bennett ("An Extremely Goofy Movie") voices Tramp, Chazz Palminteri ("Stuart Little") is Buster, the leader of the strays, Cathy Moriarty ("Raging Bull") is the flirtatious Ruby, Bronson Pinchot ("First Wives Club") is Francois, a French bulldog, Mickey Rooney ("The Black Stallion") is Sparky, the elder statesman of the junkyard, and Bill Fagerbaake (TV's "Coach") is Mooch, a sweet-natured English Sheepdog.
March 29 | Old English Sheepdog Club of Scotland's championship show, Larkhall Leisure Centre, 10.
Today, Harvey the old English sheepdog enjoys an ice cream from Ray Wilson's van outside Alnwick Castle, but in what year?
The pitiful old English sheepdog was found by security staff tied up outside an animal shelter after being dumped from a dark coloured car.
LEAD ON: Sophie Dale, left and above right, with Ruby the Cockapoo, and her aunt Judith Burton, centre, with Millie the old English sheepdog Pictures by IAN McINTYRE
Monte is an 18-week-old Old English sheepdog who lives in East Renfrewshire with Emma Carter
After the fire the Pitt family of 10, plus their four rottweilers, two cats and an Old English sheepdog, moved to North Seaton.
The old English sheepdog has become synonymous with the Dulux brand.