Enhanced IDE

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A[micro] -- Small form-factor CPU board and generic base board A[micro] -- Enhanced IDE interface and sub-ISA interface A[micro] -- USB, PS2 and PCI interfaces A[micro] -- LPC and Ethernet interfaces A[micro] -- Standard audio inputs and outputs A[micro] -- Power management support A[micro] -- Multiple operating system capability A[micro] Primary development board features include: A[micro] -- Low-power, x86 compatible processor A[micro] -- Industry-standard form factor -- ETX, 115mm x 95mm A[micro] -- Supports standard buses A[micro] -- USB 1.
Western Digital went on to improve the standard in 1994 with Enhanced IDE (EIDE) in order to gain faster data transfer rates, larger hard drives and support of non-hard drive peripherals in the growing personal computer market.
ATAPI is part of the Enhanced IDE (E-IDE) interface, also known as ATA-2.
Western Digital Corporation (NYSE: WDC) today announced the WD Caviar(R) Enhanced IDE (EIDE) 15.
Taking advantage of the widely available Enhanced IDE interface, OnStream's ADR2.
1 features enhanced IDE integration including IBM VisualAge for Java 2, new platform support for IRIX and Linux, and full JDK 1.
PC standard DMA controllers, Interrupt controllers, Timers, Enhanced IDE controller, Keyboard controller and Real Time Clock are also built in.
Other features include two enhanced IDE hard disk interfaces, 64-bit SVGA controller, CompactFlash support, two-stage software programmable Watchdog Timer and two USB ports.
5 inch board has the same dimensions as an internal hard disk but includes an MMX-class Cyrix(TM) GXM-200 processor, up to 64MB of RAM, a CompactFlash(TM) socket, on-board Ethernet, a parallel port, an infrared port, two serial ports, 2 USB connectors, support for two enhanced IDE devices and two floppies, and a PC/104 connector for adding more.
Disk Manager installs IDE/AT, Enhanced IDE, and SCSI hard disk drives.
The PCVD104K requires: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95, Windows(R) 98 or higher; an Intel(R) Pentium(R) 133 MHz or higher (or equivalent); at least 16 MB RAM; Sound card 8-bit or 16-bit (recommended for audio playback); at least 10 MB available hard disk space (for navigator software); one free PCI slot for Hollywood+ card; and one free Enhanced IDE connector.
CompactFlash cards can be used to provide various amounts of storage and there's a parallel port, two serial ports, two USB connectors, a keyboard connector, infrared port and support for two Enhanced IDE devices and two floppies.

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