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Enlargement of the spleen.



in medicine, the enlargement of the spleen. Splenomegaly occurs with diseases of the spleen (tumors, cysts, abscesses), with general infections (sepsis, malaria, typhoid fever, typhus), with blood diseases (leukoses, lymphgranulomatos-es), and with liver diseases. The spleen is examined by palpation while the individual is lying on his side; it will not be felt if its size is normal.

Splenomegaly is often the first manifestation of blood disease. In such cases, splenic puncture is performed in order to make an accurate diagnosis. With chronic leukoses, the spleen may occupy most of the abdomen and weigh as much as 8 kg. Splenomegaly is accompanied by disruption of breathing, blood circulation, and the functions of adjacent organs, including the stomach, intestine, and left kidney. Disturbances of splenic blood circulation (thromboses), suppression of hematopoiesis (hypersplenism), and other complications may also occur. The condition is treated by surgically removing the spleen (splenectomy), by irradiating the spleen with gamma rays, and by administering cytostatics and corticosteroids.

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On examination: uterus was enlarged till 26weeks with singleton live fetus and an enlarged spleen of 12cm below costal margin.
All these patients were confirmed cases of cirrhosis so why there was no portal hypertension and in turn enlarged spleen.
The markedly enlarged spleen is indicated with an arrow.
There has also been a case report in which whole of the parenchyma of a grossly enlarged spleen was occupied by CH.
The disease often leads to an enlarged spleen and lower than normal counts of blood cells including red blood cells and platelets, which are essential for blood clotting.
The serological tests for malaria, Kala Azar, and hydatid disease also turned out to be negative, thus excluding an infectious etiology for the enlarged spleen.
Abdominal enhanced computed tomography (CT) showed a 9 cm hypervascular mass in his enlarged spleen (Figure 1).
Some people with LSDs have enlarged liver (hepatomegaly) and enlarged spleen (splenomegaly), pulmonary and cardiac problems, and bones that grow abnormally.
Because of this ailment, he has an enlarged liver and an enlarged spleen
Laparoscopic splenectomy is emerging as the procedure of choice in patients with a normal to moderately enlarged spleen but is considered a contraindication in patients with massive splenomegaly.
1) The disease is also characterised by systemic symptoms such as swelling of lymph glands, enlarged spleen and liver, inflammation of the heart or lungs, joint pain and inflammation.
A lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphocytes and shows up as enlarged lymph glands, a large liver and sometimes an enlarged spleen.