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Enlargement of the spleen.
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in medicine, the enlargement of the spleen. Splenomegaly occurs with diseases of the spleen (tumors, cysts, abscesses), with general infections (sepsis, malaria, typhoid fever, typhus), with blood diseases (leukoses, lymphgranulomatos-es), and with liver diseases. The spleen is examined by palpation while the individual is lying on his side; it will not be felt if its size is normal.

Splenomegaly is often the first manifestation of blood disease. In such cases, splenic puncture is performed in order to make an accurate diagnosis. With chronic leukoses, the spleen may occupy most of the abdomen and weigh as much as 8 kg. Splenomegaly is accompanied by disruption of breathing, blood circulation, and the functions of adjacent organs, including the stomach, intestine, and left kidney. Disturbances of splenic blood circulation (thromboses), suppression of hematopoiesis (hypersplenism), and other complications may also occur. The condition is treated by surgically removing the spleen (splenectomy), by irradiating the spleen with gamma rays, and by administering cytostatics and corticosteroids.

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On examination: pallor + clinically 4-5g%, chest examination was normal, cardiovascular system revealed hyperdynamic flow murmur, uterus was enlarged to 34 weeks with singleton live fetus in cephalic presentation and an enlarged spleen felt of 12cm below the costal margin, Liver was also enlarged 4cm below costal margin, slightly tender.
Knockout of this gene in mice resulted in aberrant blood cell composition and hematopoiesis, and caused health-related outcomes such as low hemoglobin, enlarged spleen, and early death.
The Manxman was first diagnosed with the virus, which is an illness associated with fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and sometimes an enlarged spleen, in April 2017.
The illness causes acute anemia and can also result in enlarged spleen and liver, high fever and death in up to 90 percent of exposed young cattle.<br />In the early 1900s, Southern states including Oklahoma were successful in pushing back the lethal tick population to a quarantine area along the Texas-Mexico border.
Caption: Figure 1: Computed tomography of the abdomen showing enlarged spleen (17.2 cm), multiple irregular splenic hypodense lesions, largest at the lower pole (10 x 5 cm, 25 Hounsfield units), along with multiple hyperdense foci suggesting abscesses with calcification, and few calcified retroperitoneal lymph nodes.
Two dogs also had revealed hyperechoic zones in radiograph showing enlarged spleen.
Signs and symptoms of babies with congenital CMV include premature birth, low birth weight, yellow skin and eyes (jaundice), enlarged and poorly functioning liver, purple skin splotches or a rash or both, abnormally small head (microencephaly), enlarged spleen and pneumonia.According to a Kemri study that began in 2015, many women suffer from the infection without their knowledge.
The result is extensive scarring in your bone marrow, leading to severe anaemia, weakness, fatigue and often an enlarged spleen.
An extremely enlarged spleen might be indicative of haemoglobin disease, he added.
He added an extremely enlarged spleen might be indicative of haemoglobin disease.
like They experience a LISA RAE shortage of red blood cells, yellowing of the eyes and skin and an enlarged spleen.
Conclusion: The presence of an enlarged spleen is a valid predictor of the presence of oesophageal varices in patients suffering with liver cirrhosis.