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Using Cabela's backpacking tents, we covered 500 miles of Chad, from the crumbling sandstone ridges of the Ennedi Mountains near Libya south through the Sultanate of Dar-Sila to the Aoukele River on the C.A.R.
(1961) Die Volker der Siidost Sahara-Tibesti, Borku, Ennedi. Vienna: Wilhelm Baumiiller.
Large shipments of hashish and other drugs, for example, have been seized in the northern Chadian region of Bourkou, Ennedi and Tibesti (B.E.T).
The Ennedi Plateau and the Ouaddai highlands in the east complete the image of a gradually sloping basin, which descends toward Lake Chad.
There are giant serpents of Central America, the lethal Mongolian death worm, and the Ennedi tiger in Africa, and evidence for sightings of Bigfoot and the reclusive Yeti.
The engineer was captured in the Chadian region of Ennedi, less than ten kilometers from the border with Sudan, where he was working on a project to supply water to the town of Am-Djarass.
The engineer was seized in Am-Djarass in the Ennedi region, close to the border with Sudan, where he was working on a project "to supply water to the town," the official said.
Since then, the orthodox ideas, missionary efforts and propaganda were being successively spread out among the Arabs, Berbers, Tuaregs and Negroes dwelling in the territories of Kawar, Tibesti, Borku, Ennedi, Darfur, Wadai, Kanem, Chad, the Azger, the Airu, Baghrimi as far as to Senegal.
C'est egalement le cas des donnees inedites des montagnes de l'Ennedi (Tchad) qui nous permettront de comparer l'art rupestre de peuples eleveurs a celui des chasseurs-cueilleurs.
Today, there are just three crocs left and they are stranded high and dry in the Ennedi gorge.